On September 25, 2014 LLC "Ural Metallurgical Plant" launched of the axial and radial ring-roll mill RAW 160/200.

The mill RAW 160/(200) - 160/(200) - 3000/(630) is manufactured by SMS Meer (Germany) and designed for production of rings and disks of various kinds of steel grades, as well as copper, aluminum, nickel and titanium alloys. This equipment will significantly reduce metal consumption of rings (by 15 - 20%), metalworking (by 40 - 50%) and increase productivity (in 5 – 10 times). For comparison the performance rate for the rolling of the ring with diameter 1700 mm on the existing pressure machine is ≈ 20 min andit will take 1 min 30 sec on RAW 160.

The important advantage of this equipment is a high level of industrial safety, since the work on the new hardware is excluded staff contact with the heated metal. Such harmful impacts on the human body as the radiant energy from the hot blank and increased noise are also out of working process. The production process is carried out completely from the mill control panel, which is located in a room equipped with air-conditioning and ventilation.